WinAccounts Multiterminal Managing

Trading Platform

Enables to apply automatic WinAccounts orders from one place without any assistence of account owner. It is certainly interesting for WinAccounts accounts owners.

The account owner, partner of WinAccounts, is fully authorized person of his account. Only he can sent his operational capital to the account or withdraw it at any time. He can monitore his account regularly. Everything else is done without his intervention and without neccessity to monitor Signals or get involved in any other way.

Do you belong among the qualified investors?
We have a good news:
  • Your Stock Exchange account is taken care of by experienced Stock Exchange analitics and traders, who also trade with their own capital.
  • Your Stock Exchange account is fully under your control, only you can realize deposits and withdrawals.
  • You can easily participate in a proven system for profitable and safe Investment Management, Your money can work instead of You and for You!