The safety of accounts and investment management on the Stock Exchange

Investing with WinAccounts

Investing on Stock Exchange is a Risk capital business. Effective use of investor's risk capital represents possibility and opportunity to make money on financial markets. On the Stock Exchange, deponate exclusively capital designed for implementation increasingly risky investments.

Stock Exchange trading and implementation of Stock Exchange speculations expect:

  • Sufficient knowledge
  • Sufficient experience
  • Ability to analyze the potential of profit opportunities
  • And in particular, abilities of proffesional Risk Management

It is obvious, that Stock Exchange is not only about the profit, but represents a risk of capital loss. This business itself is a risk project but contrary to the risk of capital loss, there is a phenomenal potential of profit opportunities. Within the professional Investment Management, there are risk associated with trading on Stock Exchange comparable with risks of traditional business, can be even lower.


WinAccounts managers focus on the qualified risk management with ambitions for reasonable profitable results. Undergoing risks per one trade are aproximately in single percents. With the use of Win statistics probabilistic trades, we are able to close long-term 80-90% of all trades in profitable positions.


Our approach is to understand the essence of risks and profit opportunities. If you have a risk capital, courage and desire, try investing with WinAccounts. Investing with risks under control and with interesting profit potetial.

Our ambition is annual profit of 25 - 40% p.a. and more... Try it for yourself.

Right here, we would like to point out one generally known fact, that any results from the past can't be any guarantee of future results. Our approaches for Risk management give a good chance of resulting profit and possibility for management of Loss positions. To further understand these possibilities, you have to try them out in practise. We can't give any guarantee of completely safe realized transactions but we do everything for long-term earnings within the probabilistic possibilities.

To understand the risks of Stock Exchange trading, you need to read more information about the issue.


Safety of your capital on the Stock Exchange

Clients - WinAccounts partners, are the sole owners and disponents of accounts, that they create (it is possible to ask for assistance) and then associate to WinAccounts. They have overview of their investments and can deposit or withdraw their financial means whenever they want. Neither managers authorized to manage WinAccounts nor broker company have access to the money. Client's money are managed on separated clients accounts and are insured under the terms of law of the country, where their capital is deposited.

Bonus Trading Margin of 10 - 20 %, according to the current conditions, can be added to the capital. Serves exclusively for a margin capitalization on traded accounts.

Safety of the client's accounts is one of the most important factors in the financial industry.

Do you belong among the qualified investors?
We have a good news:
  • Your Stock Exchange account is taken care of by experienced Stock Exchange analitics and traders, who also trade with their own capital.
  • Your Stock Exchange account is fully under your control, only you can realize deposits and withdrawals.
  • You can easily participate in a proven system for profitable and safe Investment Management, Your money can work instead of You and for You!