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Information on the websites of WinAccounts.com domain are entirely informative and are not intended as a proposal, offer or promotion to buy or sell any commodities, futures, options, currencies or any other investment instrument. Also, it is not an offer, promotion or intermediary place for any investment.

The information contained herein serves only to inform clients and those, who are interested in informational products of WinAccounts, it depends on each user or reader individualy, how will they deal with company reserves the right for intellectual property of these information and texts. Their distribution, duplication and other publication or other use without the consent of the website operator, is strictly prohibited with all legal consequences. Thank you for understanding.

Information provider on the website guarantee users and potentional candidates to preserve confidentiality and full protection of personal information and data, that he receives from clients and candidates, and that under apllicable US law, according to the headquaters.

Risk disclosure and Disclaimer:

The strategy of long-term investment management brings very interesting potential for profit realization and appreciation of investments. It is designed only for qualified investors, WinAccounts partners, excluding public. WinAccounts.com information can not be characterized as any public fund for collective investments. They are private information for private partners. Therefore, WinAccounts actions are not registered under the law of U.S. Securities Act of 1993 as amended or under the regulations of the Securities Act of any other state. According to the U.S. Investment Copmany Act of 1940, WinAccounts activities are not a registered investment or intermediary company. All decisions of WinAccounts partners are exclusively individual, WinAccounts partners are the sole owners and as a fund owners have the sole right to handle their accounts on the Stock Exchange.

The investment strategies used in the financial markets conditions and described on the website, represents market risks and are not suitable for every investor. If you don't fully understand conditions and risks of Stock Exchange investments, including the extend of potenational risk of any capital loss, you should refrain from such a method of investing. It is necessary to keep in mind that potential of high profits brings also the risk of reasonable loss. This type of investing is suitable only for qualified investors equipped with capital.

Investing in financial markets enables effective Investment management and achieving profits, which are adequate to used method and technology of trading. On the other side, there are risks of partial or total capital loss, which are adequate to used method and technology of trading. Every investor must have the risk of his actions on capital markets under his own control and is fully responsible for the financial balance on the Stock Exchange. It is the exclusive right of every investor to deposit his financial means on the Stock Exchange or to withdraw the whole disposable amount in the case of unfavorable development or any other reason.

If you use this information exclusively for your purposes, you do so based on your decisions and therefore you bear full responsibility. WinAccounts and WinAccounts information are informational products. They are not investment tool, investment advice or don't invite user to direct exposure in any financial markets. It is up to every investor, how will he use the information, that have a character of probabilistic predictions.

Any results achieved in the past and any other past actions don't predetermine future results and future actions. The views, opinions and experience of informational and educational service provider do not always have to be in line with the views, opinions and experience of the recipient of these information. Always check in practise, whether you understand these information and how are you able to deal with them. We accept no responsibility for any individual use of the provided information in practise by any individual user.

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