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For long term Accounts Management, we use the service and methodology of WinSignals. WinSignals Stock Exchange predictions with success rate of 80-90% and more, can be traded in any Trading system, where you can trade us monitored assets.. More about WinSignals here...

WinAccounts accounts are traded with WinSignals

For our Stock Exchange trading with WinAccounts accounts, we use the service and methodology of WinSignals. WinSignals Stock Exchange predictions with success rate of 80-90% and more, can be traded in any Trading system, where you can trade our monitored assets. For our trading, we use a Goldstar trading platform, within which we can use a function of Multiterminal Mananging with CFDs instruments on the most liquid Share indices and other commodities plus Forex Currency pairs. Within this platform, we apply adequately safe method for Trade Management.

High financial efficiency, reasonably small size and low number of contracts in combination with our strategy for Risk Management plus WinSignals know-how. With varied agressive or safe method, we can appreciate our account with WinSignals by small percentage a month as well as tens of percent and more. We prefer more conservative approach with emphasis on safety of our investments.


Our goal is a few percent appreciation per month with annual ambition of 25 -; 40 and more %, according to the possibilities. Our approach doesn't exclude temporary losses but on long term basis, we focus on success and effectivness of WinSignals.

Promotion of results

Our intention is not to attract invetors on past results and promise unrealistic possibilities. Our actual results duplicate WinSignal possibilities as they are published. It is not possible to publish results of individual accounts, as these are owned by specific owners and are discreet. However, it is possible to make a good judgement about WinSignals Invesments directly from published WinSignals data on company's websites.

Our results are fair and transparent. Specific opportunities for our partners are subject for individual consultation. Therefore, for those who are interested, we recommend to visit this website, study the WinSignals results and possibly download WinSignals Manual for free.

Our results are fair and transparent

For our effective and safe speculations on the Stock Exchange and for strategies of long-term profitable Investment Management, we use a potential of WinSignals, about which you can read here.. (It is not WinAccounts website offer). Read here...




Results, effectiveness and potential of WinSignals.

In this section, we present chronological history of sent Signals every month. We re-evaluate the achievement of planned profit levels in L1 -; L3 limits, we monitor the effectiveness and potential of Signals in time. This evaluation is usually made at 10th day of the month.

WinSignals in Detail. In this section, you can study development of individual WinSignals in detail with a demonstration on charts.


Live Trading in Detail and References.

Live trading results of our clients and us, references, experience and achievements of WinSignals clients and other interesting topics.

In case of investing with WinAccounts, you can have WinSignals for free and make your investments much more easier. You don't have to monitor Winsignals E-mails and Sms messages or take care of anything. Everything is done without Your active participation and effort...

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