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Web WinAccounts is information for qualified people who are interested in long-term Investment Management on the Stock Exchange by simple and proven way. We manage our WinAccounts on Stock Exchange by using methods of WinSignals and in addition, we add our experience for Risk Management. What could this opportunity mean for you? Just read below. If you know WinSignals, you will understand everything. If not, study this website and visit WinSignals.

The essence of investing on Stock Exchanges

Investing on the Stock Exchange is a business with risk capital in order to make a profit. Investor's risk capital represents possibility and opportunity to make money on Financial markets. Stock Exchange function and nature of investing on Stock Exchanges bring opportunities for individual investors, to realize profitable trades. The esssence of Stock trading are speculations on prices movements of chosen Stock assets of Share, Commodity or Currency markets.

On Stock Exchange, it is possible to make money equally, regardless the price assets development. Principles of long and short trading enable profitable speculations in the conditions of rising and falling prices of Stock Exchange assets. Nevetherless, the mission of Stock Exchanges is different, it is reality, that more than 98% of all participants on Stock Exchanges are speculating entities. Institutional or individual investors are competing for money and profit opportunities. The truth is that on financial markets, minority of investors makes money at the expense of less qualified or less successful majority.

Individual action on the Stock Exchange is tempting for tens of millions investors and tens of thousands different funds and institutions. Speculations on the Stock Exchange belong among technically and technologically most easiest businesses in the world. When working with financial laverage, it provides interesting opportunities for realization of profits. Daily price movements and volatility of various assets on Stock Exchanges bring endless opportunities. Despite its apparent simplicity, trading on Stock Exchanges represents a money trap for a number of mainly individual investors. Despite the fact, that they manage the techniques and trading principles, many of them loose money due to a number of reasons.


Our approache is to understand the essence of risks and profit opportunities, if you have a risk capital, courage and desire, try investing with WinSignals. Investing with risks under control and with potential of interesting profits.

Our ambition is an annual profit of 25 - 40% p.a. and more... Try it for yourself.


Stock Exchange is a business for fearless and dynamic investors.

The reason for investing is a possibility to work with net capital without any additional burden that ordinary business brings. On Stock Exchange, you can lose a part of your capital but it is also possible to earn a lot. When we get to move the stock money with high financial effectiveness and use principles of compound interest, tax-friendly investment regime and qualified approach on long term basis, the results can me phenomenal. We will not claim here, that we work in absolutely safe, risk-free business with guarantee of certain profits. We admit even possible loses or temporarily weaker investment results.


Our attitude to partners in investing is honest and straight. We don't promote cheap past results as any result or past action toward future doesn't constitute any certainty or guarantee.


Our approach with WinSignals is as follows:

We focus on long-term Investment Management with a professional approach to Risk Management. Our interest is to earn money on Stock Exchanges on long term basis and appropriately safely. Our investment method are short-term speculations on the price development of chosen assets of financial markets. We realize probabilistic trades based on WinSignals service, which are Stock price prediction with 80-90% success rate.

Clients of WinSignals LLC company manage their trades according to the conditions and possibilities of their access to Stock exchange or they can associate their accounts to WinAccounts. Find more about WinSignals. If you are interested in further opportunities for individual Demo or Live Trading, check the website TradersNo1. There you can find basic information, on what principle we manage our investments with WinSignals.

How do we manage our trading with WinSignals

Possibilities with WinAccounts are interesting for greater investors or professional investors, who are interested in investing with WinSignals, but do not want to be involved in the individual process of daily speculations.

At our investment partners, we expect:

  • Sufficient knowledge and adequate skills for the investment process.
  • The main qualification is a partner's disposition with adequate risk capital
  • Ability to carry adequate risks in relation to the profit potential
  • Basic knowledge of Investment Management principles on Stock Exchanges, the partner knows, what it is, where are his money and how to work with them.
  • Qualified partner investing with WinAccounts must be aware of risk and profit potential of investing.

The partner can be any natural or legal person. Partner openes his account on Stock Exchange by himself and is its exclusive authorized person. Only the account owner can decide about potential deposite of capital in Stock Exchange or its withdrawing. Partner grants carte blanche only to realization of Stock operations. You can increase your account whenewer you want and you can resign from association with WinAccounts. Partner doesn't participate on any investment decisions, he doesn't take care of anything. You can check your account once in a month but also once in a year. (We prefer 'no stress partners'). To WinAccounts, you can also associate smaller individual accounts or your individual investment funds (the amount doesn't matter). You can be quite passive investor or you can realize your potential with organisation of higher capital (and thus higher potentional profit).

Our WinAccounts are operated on Goldstar trading platform, Risk management and Account management in the conditions of financial efficiency amd possibilities of that Stock Exchange operator. Individual trades are realized with WinSignals, which are sent to WinSignals LLC clients, we apply our approach for Risk management and sometimes add so called Speedy WinSignals, which can not be sent to our clients due to quick process. Our clients can take advantage of WinSignals without having to trade on Stock Exchange or worry about anything. Simply comfortable access to Stock Exchange speculations.

WinAccounts is not a project of Investment or Hedge Fund, therefore it doesn't subject to any regulations in this sence. With WinAccounts, you enter only partnership agreement, you are the sole owners and only authorized person to your accounts on Stock Exchange. Therefore, WinAccounts managers can not perform any financial operations on the partner's accounts. The only exception is automattical instruction for opening or closing the position with WinSignals. In relation to disposal of your own capital or its overview, the investment partner is in a safe position. On the other hand, we can not, without the express consent of the investor, publish trading results of his account. Also, we can not disclose any information about the partner (investment client) to any third party. Client's position is stricly protected by U.S. case law and jurisprudence of Stock Exchange Operator (GB).


More detailed information and conditions for participation in WinAccounts investing can only be provided upon request to qualified private investors. This investment is not accesiable to the general public, the company reserves the right for approval of associating qualified investor to WinAccounts.

Important information at the end:

Web WinAccounts itself, is not an investment offer or promotion of particular Investment approach. It is only a qualified information for WinSignals symphatizers. WinAccounts is a trademark owned by WinSignals LLC (Washington D.C. USA) and, with the owner's consent, operated by Goldstar Online Trading (Wyoming USA). WinAccounts is a system of bussines accounts management in the conditions of Goldstar with the strategy of WinSignals.

Thank you for your attention and we wish you many success with WinAccounts..! Denis Barclay for WinSignals LL, and Robert D. Bergmann for Goldstar Online Trading LLC.



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