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WinAccounts is managed and organized by a group of professional analytics and traders of WinSignals LLC. (Washington D.C. USA) on the platform of Goldstar Online Trading LLC. (Wyoming USA).


Goldstar Online Trading Company is a provider of Goldstar connection and Trading Software. In the conditions of Goldstar, for managing WinAccounts, we use great possibilities for Multiterminal Managing, which is technological possibility for managing mupltiple individual accounts of Goldstar clients. Operational capabilities, account control, deposit and withdrawing money, these are same for WinAccounts clients as well as for other clients. WinAccounts clients only don't have possibility to interfere into the trading process, which is, within the association to WinAccounts, realized automatically and also on the all associated accounts.


WinSignals Team is a group of investment analytics and stock traders with years of experience in financial markets. For us as well as for our clients, we create short-term predictions of price developments in financial markets, with long-term success rate of 80-90%. These predictions are sent to our clients through SMS and E-mail messages, including simple instructions for implementing highly probable profit and elimination of financial risk. Within WinAccounts, partners WinSignals are traded automaticaly, so they don't have to receive and monitor any E-mails or SMS. And also, they don't have to pay for WinSignals service, that they have as VIP clients for free :-)

WinSignals LLC (USA) is a company with important global influence and long-term tradition in the field of financial, investment consulting and informational service for professional activities of individual and institutional traders on the Stock Exchanges. In 2010, Under a new name, it transformed from original company Toptradesignals LLC (since 1998). For their clients and partners, the company developed sophisticated informational, trading and marketing techniques and products.

To understand the possibilities with WinAccounts, we recommend more information on the website WinSignals. Our Stock Exchange predictions with 89-90% success rate is applied on WinAccounts. Our results are fair and transparent. We believe that these are completely unique and unmatched results in the field of Stock Exchange predictions. But you have to judge it by yourself. Study the information about the use of WinSignals, WinSignals results and their potential. Study the methodology of evaluating the results, performance and profit potential of our WinSignals. For more details, read the WinSignals Manual, which you can order for free here.

If you are interested in WinSignals separately as a product, visit websites WinSignals.cz.
If you want to learn more about the operational issue and the possibility of Demo and Live Goldstar accounts, visit websites TradersNo1.


Denis Barclay for WinSignals LLC and Robert D. Bergmann for Goldstar Online Trading LLC.

Contact: servis@wintraders.com

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